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A opinionated way to build with Django.

curl -sSL | python3 - my-project
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What is Forge?

Forge is over 10 years of Django experience, bundled up and delivered in a single Python package. It's an opinionated wrapper around Django, striving to make a great framework even better, whether you're new to Django or have been using it for years.

Forge Toolset

We've chosen what we feel are the "best of breed" tools and services for each problem. And we focus on making that experience great. Heroku for deployment, GitHub Actions for CI, Tailwind for CSS, and Poetry for Python dependencies.

Tools and services →
Forge CLI

The local development experience is incredibly important, whether you're on a team or on your own. Start working in a single command, format your code with black and isort, write tests with pytest, and prevent simple oversights with a git pre-commit hook.

Forge commands →
Forge Pro

Whether it's a revenue-generating SaaS, or an internal business app, with real users comes real responsibility. Forge Pro includes our best practices and preferred solutions for error monitoring, payment processing, staff-tools, and more.

Forge Pro →

Why wouldn't I start with "vanilla" Django?

Maybe you should! If you're new to Django (or Python), just be prepared to have a lot of questions without clear answers. Forge removes questions until you know enough to consider them.

How do I... install Django?

Don't install it on your entire system. Don't manage virtual environments by hand. Use Poetry.

How should I use

You'll read about lots of ways to configure Django, especially when you start deploying to a server. We like settings to be contained in a single file ( and be driven by environment variables. Don't split into multiple files per-environment, or worse, per-person. And don't save and commit secrets in your GitHub repository.

How should I organize my repo

Django doesn't care whether you use git, GitHub, or even care much about how your Python files are organized. Forge does care, and it

What if I decide I don't like Forge?

You can stop using it! Again, Forge is a wrapper around Django. With a few simple changes, you can remove Forge as a dependency and use Django itself. Forge Pro you should truly "lose".

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